Quickbooks Error 3371

QuickBooks has established itself as one the best and the most reliable accounting software all over the world. QuickBooks undoubtedly is the best accounting software for small scale businesses. Security, Accuracy and reliability are the main three factors which is satisfying its customers over the years. However this software also got some errors which makes its users uncomfortable. QuickBooks Error code 3371, Status code 11118 is one of them.

The QuickBooks Error 3371 usually occurs when you try to run QuickBooks after reconfiguring your system or changing your hard drive. When you try to un QuickBooks, all you get is a dialogue box which says [Error 3371, Status Code 11118]QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files.

You face this error during startup. This may be due to an invalid software license. Try to reinstall your QuickBooks Software in order to fix QuickBooks Error 3371.

Main cause behind this error

When you install QuickBooks, Intuit stores some license information on your hard drive. Error 3371 crops up if that information becomes corrupted, or doesn’t match up in some way. The software probably checks the license using a system signature that reflects the hardware configuration. When you reconfigure your system or clone your hard drive, your hardware configuration can go hay-wire. This in turn causes the configuration QuickBooks saved to not match what it sees when starting up. The result – error 3371!

Resolving error 3371 – QuickBooks

A few common fixes that users generally come up with then trying to fix any error include:
Following what the error pop-up says – this won’t be any good here especially if you’re in a hurry. Reinstalling everything takes a lot of time and the error message doesn’t really specify if you’re supposed to do a clean install where you have to first uninstall the existing program, run the QuickBooks Clean Install tool, and then reinstall the program. Or not?
Contacting Support – that would just take you to a generic support page, not a help article. Plus, you’ll be required to jump through several hoops like selecting the proper product version, consulting Intuit Community Forums, etc. When you’re struggling with an error and looking for a solution quickly, all of these can seem rather frustrating.

So instead of wasting time on fixes that won’t work most of the time, follow these steps to fix error 3371 QuickBooks:
1.On your keyboard, hold down the Windows key and press R. That’ll open the Run
2.In that window enter C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or the appropriate location on your system where QuickBooks saves entitlement information) and then click OK. This will open Windows Explorer at that location.
Note: This should work with QuickBooks products from 2013 through 2016
3.Locate the ecml file, right-click on it and select Delete to delete it.
4.Close this window and then re-run QuickBooks. You will be asked to register the product again

Still need help regarding this error? Contact our QuickBooks support number +1888-567-1159 and get instant help.

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