How to Void Check in QuickBooks

With QuickBooks accounting software, the users will find options of the void the check in the system. When you are going to pay invoices to the clients or customers, it is a possibility to make the mistakes of wrong amount or wrong information in the check. In such cases, you will be able to void the check before completing the transaction by using this feature of QuickBooks. It is very beneficial for every user who does not want to face any kind of problem due to mistakenly entered wrong information in the check. With this process, the complete data about checks number, date and payment will be stored in the registry of the software.

The complete process to enter the voided check:

If you also want to know that How to Void Check in QuickBooks, you will need to use the following process for it:
Go to (+) sign and select the Checks
Complete the fields given below:
Bank account
Check number
Date of issue
Click more on the bottom center and select Void
Confirm if you want to void the check
Click on yes to complete the process
The process of voiding check within QuickBooks:
Go to Banking > Use Register
Select the account of the Check
Select the check number/ entry to void it
Select edit > void check
Click yes when asked to void check in current period
Click no if you just want to world check using the date of written
With this process, you will be able to follow the complete process when you want to know How to Void Check in QuickBooks. If you are facing any kind of inconvenience or issue to follow this process to void the check in QuickBooks, you just need to get the help of expert Proadvisors for it.

Get technical support services from experts:

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